Ralan Group Proposed Class Action

The Ralan Group Pty Ltd

On 30 July 2019, The Ralan Group Pty Ltd and associated entities (“Ralan Group”) entered voluntary administration.

Media reports have stated that Ralan Group’s debts amount to over $500 million.

Many of those owed money by Ralan Group are “off-the-plan” apartment purchasers who agreed to the early release of their deposit on the promise of interest payments.

These creditors are unsecured creditors. Current indications are that unsecured creditors will receive little if any money from the administration process.

Many of these unsecured creditors will therefore suffer substantial financial losses.

Proposed Class Action

However, this does not mean that there are no options available.

Chambers Russell Lawyers is considering commencing a class action law suit to seek to recoup the losses suffered by these unsecured creditors. Already a large number of creditors of Ralan Group have registered with Chambers Russell Lawyers, and their potential claims total many millions of dollars.

If you are an unsecured creditor who has suffered losses as a result of the collapse of Ralan Group, you may wish to consider registering your interest in Chambers Russell Lawyers’ proposed class action, which you can do below.


If you wish to register your interest in Chambers Russell Lawyers’ proposed Ralan Group class action, please enter your details below.

Registration is completely obligation free. By registering your interest you do not become a client of Chambers Russell Lawyers.

By registering you consent to Chambers Russell Lawyers collecting and using your personal details in connection with our proposed Ralan Group class action.



2019年7月30日,Ralan集团Pty Ltd及其关联实体(“Ralan集团”)进入自愿管理。







Chambers Russell Lawyers律师事务所正考虑启动集体诉讼,寻求补偿这些无担保债权人所遭受的损失。Ralan集团的大量债权人已经向Chambers Russell Lawyers律师事务所登记,他们的潜在索赔总额达数百万澳元。

如果您是一名无担保债权人,由于Ralan集团的倒闭而蒙受损失,您可能希望考虑登记您对Chambers Russell Lawyers律师事务所提出的集体诉讼意向,您可以在下面这样做。


如果您有意向在Chambers Russell Lawyers律师提议的Ralan集团集体诉讼,请输入您的详细资料如下。

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