Andrew George


About Andrew

Andrew George is a Lawyer at Chambers Russell Lawyers who practices in commercial litigation with a focus on building and construction litigation and strata disputes.

Prior to joining Chambers Russell Lawyers, Andrew’s experience included representing clients in personal injury compensation matters. His work included public liability matters, motor vehicle accidents and workers compensation which involved running alternative dispute resolution processes and attendance upon District Court and Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Economics (majoring in banking and finance) from the University of Western Sydney. He was admitted as a lawyer in December 2014 and is a member of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Andrew's Latest Articles

  • Why Owners Corporations Should Recover Levies During the COVID-19 Pandemic The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it much financial and economic turmoil. Despite the efforts of the Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 (Cth) and the JobKeeper scheme, there is a lot of uncertainty in this economic climate. Such uncertainty does not alleviate an owners corporation’s rights and obligations with respect to strata schemes and it is important the owners corporation continue to recover outstanding levies. This article considers why that is the case. Published by Andrew George, Gino Joseph and Ryan Machado on September 2, 2020
  • Temporary Relief for Financially Distressed Directors: Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 (Cth) The Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Bill 2020 received Royal Assent on the 24th of March, manifesting as the Coronavirus Economic Response Package Omnibus Act 2020 (Cth) (“Omnibus Act”). The Act prescribes, amongst other legislative amendments, temporary changes of 6 months duration to insolvency and corporations laws to assist with financial distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Published by Daniel Russell, Andrew George and Ryan Machado on June 5, 2020